• Journaling & Productivity Habit Coach

    I am Shanice and I am excited to become your coach!

    I am a certified life coach and I am currently in training to be a certified health and wellness coach. With a background in education, I am happy and confident to offer services as a journaling coach and productivity coach.

    What is journaling coaching?

    Journaling coaching is a structured conversation between coach and client that helps clients to develop or deepen the habit of journaling. Journaling coaches are helpful to anyone who is interested in journaling as a practice for creative expression, healing, personal growth, and personal development.

    As your journaling coach, I can:

    • Help you to keep a regular journal
    • Offer guidance on writing strategies
    • Help you clarify your journaling rhythm and style
    • Provide accountability for your journaling habit
    • Help you get started with journaling and reap its benefits
    Journaling Coach

    What is productivity coaching?

    Productivity coaching consists of structured conversations between client and coach that helps clients to find clarity as well as set and achieve goals. Productivity coaches may be especially helpful to entrepreneurs, artists, authors, realtors, business professionals, consultants, educators, and managers.

    As your productivity coach, I can work with you to:

    • End procrastination.
    • Clarify focus areas as well as reduce or stop overwhelm
    • Organize your thoughts and ideas.
    • Manage time and take more action
    • Define short and long-term goals
    • Adopt the habits of your best self.
    • Track progress towards your goals.
    • Carve out time for work-life balance
    • Test and adopt strategies and techniques to help achieve your priorities.

    Productivity coaches are also great for anyone looking for accountability and support towards a goal.

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