About me

Hi, I’m Shanice, and I come from a humble background. My father started as a carpenter, while my mother explored various creative ventures. Saying this to say, I have always been able to navigate tough times and entrepreneurship seems to be both nurture and nature for me!

Over the last 5 years, I have successfully operated several E-commerce businesses!

In terms of academics, I pursued a bachelor’s degree in psychology and later decided to pursue a master’s degree in criminology. During my master’s studies, I migrated to Florida, USA, with my now husband Eri and began teaching, which had its challenges but also aspects I genuinely enjoyed. Currently, I am simultaneously working on my doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instructional Design, serving as a teacher leader, and running my own business.

Throughout my journey, I have realized that success in business is not solely dependent on luck or background. It involves embracing trial and error, seeking new perspectives, and recognizing the importance of branding and community building. I am thrilled to share my experiences, insights, and practical tips through coaching and consultation services. Are you ready to WERK?